Ferrofarm Kimyevi Maddeler Ticareti AS

FERROFARM Chemical Trading S.A.;

is a family firm founded in 1976, starting as Agents of foreign Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient producers and as Consultants for the Pharmaceutical Industry of Turkey. Representing Machinery for Pharma Production and Primary Packaging for Pharma Specialities were added to the activity in a short time.

Between years 1980 – 1985 when the Pharma Industry was investing to meet Western Quality Standards we gave service for serious investments from our several principals, large and small.

When chosing principals, quality and reliability was our primary standard.

Among Them:
- Machine Makers for specific Pharma production and Packaging.
- Primary Packaging for specific Pharma applications, produced under controle.
- Active Pharma Ingredient sources who meet all the requirements of the World Authorities and can supply the required documents.

As a firm, our principals are speedy service. During over 44 years of our activity, our mode was to make sure to protect the benefits of the firms we serve, and always ro find the best solution for our customers. We continue with these principals.

Our relations with the Pharma and Food Industries of Turkey has always given us energy and it will continue yo do so.


  Dymach Parma
  KBW Packaging
  Inden Pharma Packaging
  Matcon (Idex Grubu)
  Micromacinazione (Lonza Grubu)
  Nolato Cerbo A.B.
  PPI Pharma Packaging
  Schedio S.A.
  Synergy Swiss Pharma

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